Lingerie, especially thongs, is considered one of the most intimate elements of women's clothing. By the way, they are very popular not only among women but also among men. Once, the thongs caused a great stir for their frankness and, according to many - vulgarity. And yet this part of lingerie remains in demand to this day.

Different types of lingerie can be found in every lady's wardrobe, but at least one pair of thongs is always present. In general, they are worn under tight clothing. This type of underwear consists of a small triangle of fabric in the front and a thin strip of fabric in the back.

When buying thongs, you must pay attention, first of all, to the material from which they are made. Bikini is sewn from different materials, such as:

  • cotton;

  • viscose;

  • silk;

  • satin;

  • lace;

  • elastane and others.

Why do women wear thongs?

Thongs became part of everyday and erotic lingerie. What is the secret of their success:

  • they are invisible under tight light pants or skirts;

  • thanks to the amount of material save from the heat in summer .;

  • they emphasize the rounded hips.

Due to the shape of this lingerie, girls in thongs look attractive to men.

What are the models of thongs?

Thongs, depending on the degree of openness, are divided into several types.

The letter "G" in the model classification means the presence of two triangles: classic - front and miniature - back, as well as low waist and elastic belt. Such models are sewn from opaque fabric and are great for everyday use. They allow you to wear tight-fitting clothes without creating discomfort.

If "G" style lingerie uses transparent materials or lace, the pattern will be called "V" -thongs. They are also practical, but more elegant. When choosing them, it is necessary to prefer natural fabrics, such as silk in a mixture with viscose.

Finally, the classic version is marked with the letter "T". It consists of a triangle in front, which passes at the back into a thin strip, it is attached to a belt, forming a kind of letter "T". This is an ideal opportunity for those who are ready to openly demonstrate the dignity of the figure in their everyday outfits. The model allows you to wear not only the most tight clothes, but also provocative ones.

Which thongs are better?

When choosing a style, pay tribute to the choice of material. The most practical answer to the question "which thongs are better?" is - quality and elastic cotton, as an alternative can be viscose lace. In any case, it is not necessary to prefer one hundred percent synthetics - even the most beautiful models in such a design are practically unsuitable for everyday wear.

Thongs are the perfect lingerie, indispensable in many erotic and seductive outfits. Their silhouette is literally not visible even under the most candid and tight clothes. Evening dress or leggings for fitness, erotic clothing for the bedroom ... in many situations this style turns out to be unique and irreplaceable.

How to choose according to your figure?

A few simple rules will help you choose thongs that are as accurate as possible for your figure. There are many choices and finding your own is not difficult. As with any bolder thing, thongs have their own "taboos": in any case, it's not worth wearing them so that they "peek" over the belt of jeans or skirts. This frank and slightly shocking trend is something from years ago. The definition of "personal secret" is most appropriate for such underwear. In addition, this is the most accurate answer to the question "what are women's thongs for".

Why do women have thongs?

First of all, this is the most erotic lingerie for special occasions, you don't have to wear it all day. And secondly, they are the best option for tight or translucent clothes. You can easily find your own version, as there is no fashion for thongs - they are out of fashion. This applies not only to styles but also to colors as well as design. All, even the most daring or sophisticated variations of the models, should be chosen according to your taste. Delicate black and white shades in combination with lace are an option that is considered a classic. Even more challenging and erotic style includes a combination of contrasting lace color: for example, pink with black. You do not need to choose them in pairs by color with the bra. Bold combinations will bring variety to your wardrobe.

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