Socks and tights

Socks and tights - two types of footwear. Nowadays, they are mostly women's clothing, although there are also male models. Socks and tights look very similar, at least at first glance, but most of us know that they have several important characteristics. Both are usually made of nylon and are designed to complement the outfit, but the resemblance ends here.

What are socks?

Socks are a type of clothing for the feet. They close the entire lower part of the legs from the toes to the knee or the middle of the thigh.

Keep socks on your feet:

  • with the help of elastics attached to the thigh;

  • silicone tapes;

  • by means of garters attached to the bikini or to the garter belt for socks.

In the past, socks were part of men's and women's wardrobes, used mainly by nobles. In the 20th century, socks became the subject of only women's wardrobe.

The fabric of the socks fits snugly to the shape of the legs, repeating all their curves. Socks protect the skin of the feet from exposure to the external environment. At the same time, socks cover skin defects (if any). Socks are considered an erotic item of clothing, especially the upper part, where they end with lace and leave the skin exposed. This part of the socks is usually hidden under the hem of the skirt or dress. Modern socks can be of any color and style, with different designs and elements.

What are tights?

Tights are clothes for the legs and lower body, a type of underwear. Tights are a combination of two socks and a bikini. A type of pants whose fabric fits snugly to the skin. In the Middle Ages and later periods, tights were common items in men's clothing, they were worn by peasants and nobles.

Nowadays, tights are mainly part of a woman's wardrobe. They are held on the body by an elastic band that adheres to the body at the waist.

The purpose of tights is the same as with socks - protection of the skin of the feet, hiding skin defects. The top of the tights, where the panties, is hidden under the hem of the skirt or dress. Tights are often worn under pants.

Modern women's tights in their variety are not inferior to socks. They are available in all possible colors and patterns. Maybe tights are not as erotic as socks, although eroticism largely depends on who wears them and how.

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