Garter belts

The garter belt is one of the most beloved women's accessories. Properly chosen belt will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible in socks. The sock belt is an original accessory. It can be used both in everyday life and for a special occasion. That is why such a garter should be in the wardrobe of each member of the fair sex.It will help you create a charming image for a romantic evening or role-playing games, and will also act as an additional part of the wardrobe, carrying a number of important features. Garters allow women who prefer to wear socks instead of tights to do so daily in comfort. This is an accessory that decorates the legs of the fairer sex in a very stylish way.

What are they made of?

The spicy addition to the outfit can be made of:

  • leather;

  • textiles;

  • yarn;

  • latex and other materials.

Thanks to the special design, the accessory can visually lengthen and make women's legs slimmer, make them sexy, emphasize natural beauty and hide flaws. Modern fashion is very extravagant and diverse, so the garter on the thighs can be found not only in the pages of glossy fashion magazines, but also in ordinary life.

Why do you need a garter?

Modern women in pursuit of comfort prefer more comfortable clothes. Many people mistakenly believe that such a belt is an outdated accessory. However, by wearing this amazing thing at least once, you will want to wear it as often as possible. And despite the fact that today socks practically do not need holders, still wear such a garter. It will bring to your image exceptional femininity and sexuality. Wearing this accessory on a romantic date, you will feel even more attractive and you will pleasantly surprise your partner.

How to wear it properly?

To properly place the belt, it must be wrapped around the torso and then fastened and tightened. The main thing is for its owner to move calmly. Then you have to wear socks. For a belt it is better to buy special socks. Their distinguishing feature will be the presence of a thick strip at the top of the product.

The product can be worn both on the panties and under them. There is no fundamental difference. It depends on the individual characteristics and taste of the woman.

How to choose the right size?

You need to take measurements of the hips and waist.

The size of the classic elastic garter usually matches the size of the bikini, but to be 100% sure that the size of the chosen model is right for you, it is still worth knowing the volume of the thighs.

How to fix it?

It is important to fasten the clasps to the edge of the socks as accurately as possible. To understand how to fasten the garter, you need to look carefully at what the clasp looks like. Garters should be placed evenly, at equal distances from each other. The round part of the fastening should be placed under the sock. It should be about 3 cm from the edge. The second part of the latch is placed on top of it and a kind of lock is formed. All brackets must be level with both the front and the rear. You need to make sure that the sock is firmly fixed to the foot and the garters are not inverted. At this stage, the length of the garters must be adjusted. It must be optimal. The principle of adjustment is exactly the same as with the bra. Excessive stretching of the garters can lead to rapid deterioration of the socks with sharp movements or just squatting on the couch. To do this properly, you need to place your legs, stretched at the knee, on a chair and then pull or loosen the garters.

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