Brazilian pants are a combination of briefs and thongs. The wide part in the area of ​​the hips and coccyx gradually narrows, forming a triangle. The shape of the Brazilian pants is two triangles sewn together. The models may differ in the degree of openness of the rear parts, but they are not exposed as much as in the thongs. Women who do not like to wear thongs under light summer dresses, but briefs for them are too closed, we advise you to look at the Brazilian as a good alternative. It is believed that they are also unhygienic, just like thongs, because they are very narrow. But it all depends on the model. You can buy wide enough underwear, beautifully emphasizing the buttocks.

What materials are used to make them?

The main material from which Brazilian-style underwear is made for women - cotton, bamboo and a new generation material - microfiber, which allows air to pass through and the skin to breathe. Do not be afraid of the word "synthetic". New technologies allow the creation of artificial fabrics that do not have lower positive characteristics than natural materials. Elastane is added to the cotton fibers. So the underwear acquires elasticity, retains its shape and original appearance for a long time. Brazilian cotton pants decorated with thin lace are a cute everyday option. Please note that under tight clothing you should choose models with flat seams, with a smooth back, without voluminous lace. Leave the attractive design for short dresses and for passionate nights. Otherwise, you may attract unwanted attention.

For a special occasion, such as a romantic date, choose silk, satin or elegant lace lingerie. Add a garter belt, sexy socks to the set and choose a bra that favorably emphasizes the breasts.

How to choose a color?

The most popular colors are the classic black and white. No wonder. These colors go well with all clothes, they are universal, combined with underwear of the same color from other sets. Colorful Brazilians look elegant and uplifting, but it's hard to combine them with bras. If you do not plan a meeting, there is nothing scary. Make lingerie sets of different colors-a popular trend. An interesting solution would be when the main black or white background stands out design with a contrasting color. For example, a pink cord in the area of ​​the coccyx or a satin ribbon on the hips.

What clothes are they wearing?

This is a universal model that will fit any outfit. However, if you wear tight skirts and pants, make sure that the seams of the bikini do not stand out under the clothes and divide your body in half. It does not look aesthetically pleasing. This problem is easily solved with seamless underwear, where the seams are flat, thin and invisible.

In the summer under light dresses and skirts. This is a good alternative to closed shorts and briefs in the warm period, when the body wants lightness in everything and in underwear.

Brazilians combine well with various components and elements of erotic lingerie.

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