The choice of lingerie is always very individual and each girl sets her own requirements for what should be the ideal option for her in this spicy and undoubtedly extremely necessary type of clothing. Undoubtedly, bikinis, in addition to their functional purposes - protection of body areas from the external environment, today have their own fashion trends. For example, the number of existing bottom models includes different variants.

The popularity of this style has only increased over time, so bikinis have become one of the most popular lingerie options among women.

How did they appear and why did they become popular?

The main difference between bikinis from a number of other similar products is, of course, the low waist and triangular shapes at the front and back. In general, it is worth noting that the concept of a bikini resembles a certain swimsuit, which came into fashion thanks to Bridget Bordeaux in the mid-20th century.

The main feature of bikinis is that they barely cover the intimate area. Of course, in the 20th century this was perceived as a real challenge, but today, decades later, there is nothing prejudiced in this style of underwear. In addition, the designers who popularized this model began to make it even more challenging, creating mini bikinis in which the amount of material used is minimized.

What materials are used?

The materials used in sewing this type of underwear are:

  • elastane;

  • polyester;

  • nylon;

  • viscose;

  • cotton.

If the first two types of fabrics often become the basis for creating swimsuits, the rest are used in ordinary and designed as everyday wear models. Undoubtedly the safest component from the point of view of the impossibility of allergy is cotton, and elastane and polyester repel water well, stretch and take the necessary shape of the body.

How are they worn?

It can be said that women's bikinis exist in two categories: as part of a swimsuit and as a type of underwear. When considering the second type, you can't help but notice the advantages that these models have. First of all, a woman should not worry when wearing jeans or low-waisted pants that others will see a piece of underwear that looks not only ugly but also vulgar. Also, unlike thongs, which can cause some inconvenience, bikinis do not pose such a danger.

In general, today certainly every woman has bikinis, because especially in the hot summer weather they are better than ever. They are worn under tight pants, shorts, skirts, dresses. Becoming one of the main trends in the production of underwear for more than half a century, bikinis remain so to this day.

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