Sexy lingerie Lamis

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Composition: 75% polyester, 15% polyamide, 10% elastane.

Color: Black

Origin: Poland

Advantages: Most materials are purchased from leading companies in Italy and Spain and have an international OECO-TEX certificate. The materials are tested and have a certificate of allergenicity. Painted with a durable paint and do not change their appearance and color with good maintenance and proper care.

Sexy lingerie Lamis 1

The sexy latex Lamis bodysuit is an effective weapon for seduction that hits the target. The design of this model exquisitely emphasizes the luxurious curves of the waist and hips, emphasizing the slenderness of the legs loved by men. In such an amazing outfit you will seduce any man, because no partner will be able to resist such an attack of sincere desire and vivid erotic fantasies. Captivating latex parts of the chest attract attention, and the V-shaped strips from the waist to the abdomen visually hide the possible shortcomings of the figure.

Black body Denver 1
Black body Denver 71.07
Sexy body Kani 1
Sexy body Kani 65.96
Amazing body Helike 1
Amazing body Helike 63.91
Erotic body Caprice 1
Erotic body Caprice 60.84
Daring body Lorna 1
Daring body Lorna 58.80
Sexy body Kyouka 1
Sexy body Kyouka 55.73
Tender body Heidi 1
Tender body Heidi 53.69
Lingerie Blanche 1
Lingerie Blanche 50.62
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