Set with hemp oil and green tea - CBD Bath and Shower

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Quantity of soap: 45 g

Quantity of body lotion: 50ml

Quantity of body scrub: 50 ml

Quantity of hand cream: 50ml

Set with hemp oil and green tea - CBD Bath and Shower 1

The range of products of CBD - Bath and Shower are manufactured to meet the needs of even the most capricious. Green tea leaves and hemp oil contain antioxidants that help cell growth and provide your body with vitality and energy.

The set includes:

  • soap;
  • body lotion;
  • body scrub;
  • hand cream.

The soap nourishes and hydrates the skin, thanks to the cleansing formula with moisturizer.

The body lotion will protect your body regardless of the season - summer or winter, trust this product will stimulate and regenerate your skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Body scrub is one of the most popular cosmetics. Cleanses and softens the skin, translating it into its perfect form.

The hand cream restores dry and cracked skin and forms a protective layer to prevent further damage. The cream contains natural ingredients such as herbs and aromatic oils that heal and restore the skin.

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