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How to choose an original perfume for every occasion and mood?

The perfume is ideal for emphasizing individuality to give your image a finishing touch. Today, brands offer a large selection of luxury perfumes and consumer products. The richness of the components allows you to create different compositions that will be suitable at any time of the day and year, in the daily and evening image of people of different ages.

What are the assortments of perfumes?

The perfume brands offer a wide selection of products for men, women and children, Unisex line, fragrances for the home. Depending on the concentration of the aromatic substance, the perfume differs in resistance:

  • perfume (parfum);

  • perfumed water (eau de parfum);

  • eau de toilette;

  • deodorant (Deo parfum).

In the first case, the composition contains a large amount of perfume extract, which allows it to remain stable for a long time, leaving behind a fragrant trail. Perfume and eau de toilette have up to 20% and up to 15% oil, respectively. Such options are less saturated, which allows you to combine them with each other and use them during the warm season. Perfumed deodorants can contain up to 3% oil, leaving the delicate scent of the perfume of the same name on the skin throughout the day.

Children's perfumes do not contain alcohol, do not cause irritation or allergies.

The brands also offer perfumed products that complement the lines of popular women's and men's fragrances. Creams, lotions, shower gels and soaps provide the skin with complete care, leaving an unobtrusive scent of your favorite perfume.

What is the classification of perfume fragrances?

The basis of the division of perfumes into groups is the predominance of certain components of the composition. Fragrances can be divided into floral, citrus, fruity, woody, oriental, aldehyde, leather, ozone and green.

As a rule, the most common are floral and fruity.

The variety of components allows you to create unique light and playful compositions that are universal for any time of year, style and occasion. Citrus, green and ozone fragrances from these groups are presented in a wide range of catalogs of leading perfume brands. They are suitable for daily use in the morning and evening, harmoniously complementing the everyday image.

Oriental and wood compositions - mysterious, charming and soft. They create a special aura and a mysterious atmosphere around its owner, emphasizing the elegant style and luxurious taste. Rare woody, plant, spicy and unique fragrances tend to be preferred by Arab brands in the creation of selective perfumes.

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