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Beautiful lingerie is not only an integral part of women's clothing, but also a tool for seduction. Delicate bikinis and bras emphasize the shape of the thighs and chest, creating elegant lines and silhouette. Erotic models with bold elements in the form of mesh, transparent fabrics, straps and garters will appeal to every man. Of course, to create a sexy and elegant look, you can combine different details and attributes. But it is better to buy underwear sets made in the same style and design. So your image will be complete. You will find original, unusual clothes and accessories on our website.

What features are found?

Buying lingerie is a process that brings pleasure to every lady. And this is not unusual, because the sexuality and attractiveness of the ladies depend on this intimate wardrobe. If the purchased product meets the latest fashion trends, then such underwear will definitely please the representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

What are the varieties?

Lingerie sets can include many different elements, and their choice comes from the personal preferences of each woman. The traditional lingerie set includes a bikini and a bra. But in our kits you will find more variety, which includes elements such as:

  • Socks - always beautiful and elegant, lengthen the legs and make them look just irresistible;

  • Garter belt for socks - serves to hold the socks and prevents them from slipping, as well as gives an extra touch of femininity to your image;

  • Thongs - cut-out underwear designed to reveal the beautiful curves of your body;

  • Short skirts - an item of clothing that will draw attention to your thighs and buttocks;

  • Dresses - irresistibly fitting to your body and raising your self-esteem;

  • Corset - an element to emphasize the waist;

  • Accessories - gloves, feathers, masks and eye strips.

How to choose a size?

To choose underwear, whether you buy it for yourself or make a gift for your partner, you need to know the exact size that suits your body. In most cases, complete sets of underwear are manufactured and marked with double sizes as S-M; L-XL. In this case, no major specifics are needed. But when it comes time to choose a bra you need to be aware of the exact dimensions of the cup and chest circumference. It depends on whether the set will bring comfort to the wearer, or will create discomfort. You also need to consider the shape of the bra, because each shape will reveal the bust in a different light.

When buying a set of underwear, it is advisable to choose parts of the same fabric and color. In this way you will create a visual harmony of the image.

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