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A long relationship with a loved one teaches you a lot. During the relationship, you can learn a lot about your partner, share your deepest desires and thoughts, become closer to each other. And it seems that everything is fine, but there comes a time when you want to try something new, to get to know your partner from a different side. Many people miss the opportunity to get acquainted with their partner's sexual desires, which leads to misunderstanding, distance from each other and perhaps even a breakup. To avoid this, you need to diversify your intimate life. And the easiest way to do this is by using role-playing games. The woman will be able to incarnate in a new role, and the man may realize his long-standing fantasies. Through the amazing erotic costumes with our site, you will be able to be who you want to be and you will conquer sexual fantasies.

What are the types of erotic costumes?

Erotic costumes can be divided into two main groups.

The first group includes costumes, more like sexy lingerie with additional accessories that complement the chosen role. Such sets may consist of a corset and bikini or bodysuit. Socks are also included in some costumes. This option for erotic clothes can be easily dressed at any time and make an unexpected surprise for a loved one.

The second group includes costumes that will easily embody you in a certain role. They are usually represented by models in the form of a dress or mini suit, but there are also sets consisting of a skirt and a bra. One of the most popular options for such clothing is a nurse's suit. Manufacturers offer different versions of this clothing, which can be quite modest or very lustful. Also quite popular are the costumes of service personnel, for example, maids or flight attendants. Men have always been attracted to women in uniform, and if it is also seductive, then the desire gains double strength. If you think that uniforms are not for you, then you can trust our costumes with animal motifs. Bunny or panther? The choice is yours!

How to choose the right image?

First of all, before you buy an erotic costume, you need to find out about the hidden fantasies and desires of your partner. Maybe he has certain preferences or dreams that he would like to see in his bed. This option will make the selection easier and shorten the search list. Also, if you can't learn about a particular image, you can just find out about dominance preferences. For example, if a man wants to obey, then the woman must choose the image of a policeman or a strict teacher. Such types can be fined and punished, as well as feel the power. If a man wants to take on the role of the dominant, then the woman can incarnate as a schoolgirl or a maid who will be completely dependent on her master.

According to statistics, one of the most cherished desires of men is to share a love bed with a nurse. Such a costume can be combined with an interesting scenario, and the dominance of the partner will depend on the plot of the game. A hot nurse can easily seduce a patient or an urgent patient to make a clinic employee reach debauchery. Don't forget to complement the image with accessories and shoes. The combination of socks and high heels looks profitable and will not leave any man indifferent. In addition, do not forget about makeup and hairstyle. For example, for the image of the devil, queen or vampire you need to take bright makeup. And for the image of the student it is better to leave a modest make-up and complement the imagination with a hairstyle in the form of two braids or tails.

How to choose the right suit?

Each figure has its advantages and disadvantages. The right choice of erotic lingerie is considered to be the choice of one that hides the shortcomings and emphasizes the good sides. After all, the right choice of clothing will allow your partner to look at you in a new way, and you in turn feel more confident and relaxed.

So, if you have lush breasts, do not forget about a large neckline. The fabric of the suit should be transparent, such a variation will not leave anyone indifferent and will awaken different ideas and fantasies. Small breasts can be visually enlarged with the help of a large number of lace and other accessories.

For women who are worried about the abdomen, corsets, bodysuits or high-waisted options are suitable. This will help you hide a few extra pounds. If you have wide thighs, then a suit with wide skirts will suit you, but the length should not be too short, otherwise you will put more emphasis on this part of the body.

If a girl has too thin a figure, then you should choose a suit with lush details, feathers and choose a model that is not too tight on the body. Do not forget about the correctly chosen colors of the suit. For example, for bigger girls it is better to choose dark shades, and bright shades are suitable for thinner women.

How to choose a fabric and get comfort?

Also, do not forget about the material of the suit itself. For example, latex models can not only cause discomfort when worn, but also cause allergies. Costumes with a large number of decorative elements can also cause inconvenience, especially if they are presented in the form of sequins or crystals.

How to choose a size?

The size of the erotic costume is chosen on the same principle as the underwear. Carefully examine the size provided by the manufacturer. Some models offer a universal size, which according to the manufacturer can extend to a certain parameter. But such products should be treated with caution. For tall girls or ladies who are overweight, they may not be suitable.

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