Erotic body Caprice

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Composition: 65% polyester, 30% elastane, 5% cotton

Color: black

Style: Thin neck strap. Open breasts. Fastener on the back. Thong bottom.

Erotic body Caprice 1

Extremely daring and sexy body, made especially for those women who are not afraid of risks in the bedroom! Put on this bodysuit and transform into the passionate sex goddess you have always wanted to be.

Black body Denver 1
Black body Denver 71.07
Sexy body Kani 1
Sexy body Kani 65.96
Amazing body Helike 1
Amazing body Helike 63.91
Daring body Lorna 1
Daring body Lorna 58.80
Sexy lingerie Lamis 1
Sexy lingerie Lamis 55.73
Sexy body Kyouka 1
Sexy body Kyouka 55.73
Tender body Heidi 1
Tender body Heidi 53.69
Lingerie Blanche 1
Lingerie Blanche 50.62
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