When we talk about massages, the main idea should be related to comfort and relaxation. At such moments, various massage products such as creams, oils and scented candles come to the rescue, which help make the experience even more memorable.

What massage creams are there?

Massage is a universal procedure that also helps to cope with stress, get rid of some health problems or aesthetics of the body, or even to create a romantic atmosphere in your home. To make it more pleasant, choose a good massage cream. It will not only help you relax, but will also enhance the effect. With the help of creams, you will moisturize your skin and reduce friction during massage, thus avoiding unpleasant sensations.

There are different types of massage creams, including:

  • relaxing;

  • warming;

  • cosmetic;

  • erotic.

Carefully choose the type of cream and consider its composition, because some of the ingredients may cause allergies in some people.

What massage oils to use?

In any massage technique it is important to ensure smoothness and ease of touch. Massage oils are used for this. They promote the heating of the skin, moisturize and tone it qualitatively. Aromatic essential additives to the base are usually used, so the sense of smell also gets its share of pleasure. In the technique of massage, the correct choice of oil composition is very important. It depends on how quickly relaxation and euphoria will occur.

Oils, like creams, have different effects, including:

  • warming;

  • soothing;

  • tonic.

What are massage candles?

Diversity in intimate life is the key to healthy relationships. When you seem to have tried everything in the world, you should pay attention to special massage candles. At first glance, this is an ordinary wax candle, but it performs several functions at once.

After lighting the wick, the room is enveloped in a romantic aroma, and the wax itself melts after a while and can be used as a massage oil. What could be more pleasant than your partner's naked body, smelling of strawberries or chocolate?

Wait for the wax to melt and gently drip it on your partner's body. There is no danger of burns and you can safely enjoy the moments together. The candle will be absorbed into your skin after a certain time and you do not have to worry about washing.

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