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In the cosmetics category on our website you can find many wonderful products for massage, bath or for your bust.

What is a massage cream?

The product is a cosmetic type that is used to moisturize the skin and reduce the risks of damage. Using it allows you to get the desired effect faster. Creams differ from each other by the properties given by the combination of ingredients that are included in their composition. There are several types that are used in different types of massage, such as:

  • anti-cellulite cream;

  • high nutrient creams;

  • well moisturizing and nourishing the skin;

  • warming cream before the procedure.

It is also worth noting that the layer formed by the applied cream prevents the leakage of moisture from the body. This has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

It is important to know that these products, which have nut extract in the composition, can cause allergies in humans. The same side effect can be caused by different types of paints and fragrances. Choose a cream with a more natural, hypoallergenic composition.

What massage oils do we offer?

Massage oil has properties that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the body. Like the cream, the oil also helps prevent skin injuries and a more comfortable massage process. The skin does not stretch under the action of the hands of the masseur. Oils help to achieve psychological relaxation during massage.

Depending on the desired effect, the oils have the following effects:

  • soothing;

  • tonic;

  • warming.

What are massage candles?

On our site you can also find different types of massage candles. They work on the principle of creams and oils. Once ignited, they melt and can be used as an oil during a massage. There is no danger of burns. Each candle has a unique scent and leaves a relaxing feeling behind.

What bath products do we offer?

Modern bathroom cosmetics combine washing with cosmetic care. The psychological impact is enhanced by the aroma and color of the foam, causing associations with plants, fruits, medicinal sources. Especially popular are the refreshing and healing coniferous extracts, which carry a natural aroma of purity and health. The use of bath products from chamomile, jasmine, mint, rose petals, white lily and other flowers and herbs, as well as lemon peel and orange has a pronounced relaxing effect. The aroma of the bath product should be rich enough to fill the entire bathroom.

Bath salts

They are the oldest type of cosmetics. A bath with sea salt, for example from the Dead Sea, has a healing effect not only on the skin but also on the whole body. Fine salt can be used not only for bathing, but also for body peeling.

Bath foam

To get the effect of a thick foam, you need to pour the cosmetic liquid directly into the water stream. The aroma that will spread has an exceptional relaxing effect, and in combination with the warm water you will get the well-deserved rest after a long working day.

What is a breast enlargement cream?

Natural breast enlargement is due to hormonal changes in the body due to elevated levels of progesterone and estrogen. Many gels and ointments for enlarging the glands have the same mechanism of action, as they contain hormonal substances in their composition. But they do not act from within, but from the outside.

Most often, creams use phytoestrogens, which encourage glandular tissue to grow. Therefore, the size of the bust increases.

In addition to phytoestrogens, the preparations contain plant extracts, tonics, essential oils and vitamins.

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