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Overall bodysuits are lace, large-mesh or fine-mesh full-bodied suits consisting of socks and bodysuits tied together. The overall body is an uncommon item in the wardrobe of the average woman. But have you ever wondered why?

The overall body fits the body, hiding almost nothing, so most women who worry about their imperfections choose another type of underwear. But let's look together at what exactly this type of body is.

What varieties are there?

Overall bodysuits or also known as bodystocking can be transparent or mesh. Structurally, they can resemble socks, flowing smoothly into a belt and then into a bodysuit. They can look like an imitation of a dress and socks with a garter belt.

Agree that each of the bodysuits on our site looks bold, provocative and quite challenging. Wearing such lingerie, a woman practically leaves no choice to her partner, clearly declaring her sexual desires. In line with the trends, the options for such outfits for women of all sizes are becoming more diverse.

What colors are available?

The most common color of the overall bodysuit is black - elegant and never out of fashion. There are different color options such as bold red and innocent white, but the other colors are less common.

What are the sizes?

This type of bodysuit is made in a certain way and has a design that allows women of all sizes and body shapes to look shiny and extremely passionate. Most complete bodysuits are available in a universal size - one size. The fabric is extremely stretchy and you don't have to worry about it fitting you. In most cases, this underwear will look like a second skin, it will be extremely light and comfortable and you will hardly feel it on your body.

What is the style of wearing?

You can wear some bodysuits under outerwear, and what you see from them will look like ordinary socks or tights, but the real surprise for your partner will come when you take off your coat or dress and reveal your beautiful body dressed in a full bodysuit.

You can combine the whole body with high heels, make a beautiful hairstyle, make up properly and you will become irresistible. It is not recommended to decorate your outfit with a lot of jewelry, because there is a danger that they will hang on the net of the body and tear the fabric.

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