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Women's bodysuits are a wonderful part of the delicate women's wardrobe that every lady should have. The modern woman is hard to imagine without this important part of the wardrobe - lingerie. Specialty stores are full of this type of clothing, attracting buyers with beauty, elegance, lace, curls, interesting patterns for everyday and special types of lingerie. Special lingerie also includes erotic bodysuits.

What are they?

This is a garment that combines underwear with an upper. The body is a tight-fitting dress, similar to a bathing suit, with buttons for fastening in the groin. It is a tight silhouette, resembling a tank top or T-shirt on the body and ending with a bikini or thongs. The body helps emphasize the shape of the body and the beauty of the figure.

The body is suitable, including for women whose figure is far from perfect. Such underwear will correct the figure, will give elegance and finesse. It helps a woman to be free, to feel feminine, irresistible and attractive.

What are the varieties?

During its existence, the body has acquired a large number of varieties. Today it is quite a popular garment, especially for women. In the form of casual wear it is comfortable and practical, and as underwear it is very beautiful and seductive.

Given the great popularity among women, designers are creating more and new models of this element of women's clothing. We will consider the following varieties of women's body:

  • Long sleeve

This version of the body is ideal for everyday wear, especially during the cold season. It can be worn to work or just for a walk. It can also be worn as home clothes. Most often, long-sleeved bodysuits are found in monochrome discrete colors (black, white, gray).

  • Short sleeve

The short-sleeved bodysuit is more diverse than the previous group. In general, this group has monochrome colors, but with short sleeves there are many more options with multicolor printing. This type of body is suitable for warmer weather, especially if it is an open-shouldered body.

  • Without sleeves

Here we will talk about these bodysuits, which can be called cocktail, as this type of bodysuit includes different options for evening wear. This type is decorated with lace, embroidery and other decorative elements. Of course, there are those that can be used for everyday wear or underwear.

  • Lace

An open body can become not only an element of more erotic lingerie, but also one of evening wear. However, they must be distinguished and not confuse the purposes for which they are intended. Such bodysuits are transparent and translucent.

How to choose a color?

When choosing a body, you need to pay attention to color. White means innocence, red emphasizes the passion and openness of nature. Black is considered a classic, suitable for women of all ages. Bright colors are considered everyday and would be a fresh option.

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