Body Mist with aphrodisiac

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Quantity: 130ml

Body Mist with aphrodisiac  1

This exquisite body perfume from Bijoux Indiscrets with a dizzying and hypnotic scent will create an amazing mood of sensuality and will arouse emotions. The delicate and exotic aroma combines notes of three plants - elegant rose, fragrant jasmine and sensual ylang-ylang. The captivating aroma will awaken all the senses! Want to add flavor to your most appetizing areas? Spray it on your body before putting on your clothes and he will not be able to resist you. The exquisite spray bottle in a vintage style from a classic Hollywood movie is the perfect gift for you or your loved one! Aphrodisia body perfume is an excellent "weapon" for seduction, as this fragrance stimulates the sense of smell - the most delicate sense organ - quickly and effectively.

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