Sexy masks

The sexy mask is a bright detail of the erotic wardrobe. Her presence is a sure sign of seductive incarnations. Get a party mask with costumes or a masquerade or for a role play. You can use strips and eye masks for sleep - they adhere tightly to the face and prevent the penetration of light. The accessories are universal and suitable for many different occasions.

What are the main varieties?

Lace-made of delicate fabric with a sophisticated design. This accessory is intriguing, bringing both bold and romantic sensations. In the store you can buy masks from the collections of the brands Fifty Shades Of Gray, Obsessive, Anais and others.

Hard shiny masks - made of plastic, perfect for both parties and sex games. Such a mask will allow you to completely transform and bring completely new sensations.

Fully closed masks and ribbons - completely close your eyes, giving power to your partner, hinting at absolute obedience. Made of thick soft fabric, fixed with ties or elastics on the back of the head. Deprivation of the ability to see during massages, sensual caresses and dominant games increases the sensitivity of your other senses. Eye straps can also be used to tie and fix arms and legs.

Why are sexy masks needed?

  • For a change in intimate life - a partial transformation or addition to the erotic costume or set of erotic lingerie. A woman with a mask is more likely to reveal herself. The mask gives self-confidence that attracts a partner.

  • For parties, masquerades - there is no themed or sex party without masks. In the mask you can play any role, such as that of a mysterious stranger.

  • For professional photo shoots or seductive selfies. Erotic masks are ideal. Do you want to arouse passion and curiosity in your partner? Send your photo in a lace mask and it can arouse not only the male imagination, but also the burning desire in both of you. The theatrical and light format of the accessories is designed to relieve anxiety, playful mood and flirtation.

Buying a sexy mask means saying "yes" to the game where the mystery lives, incarnations without frames and prejudices, new sensations from exciting role-playing games! Allow yourself to run wild and cross your boundaries.

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