Nipple stickers

What sacrifices do women not make to seduce men: they do not always wear comfortable thongs, buy expensive underwear, even decide on the painful procedure of hair removal. In general, they do everything to get male attention just for them. But today, the stronger sex can hardly be surprised. The perfect bodies in beautiful lingerie are seen by many, but not everyone will see a girl who does not have a bra on her chest, but at the same time her nipples will be covered. These are the so-called pastiches. With our help you will find out what these erotic stickers are, how to wear them and take care of them properly.

What are pasties?

Not all women know what a pastis is. In fact, it is a decorative lining for the nipples. They are made of silicone. They have a sticky base that attaches to the chest. Thus, a seductive view opens before a person's eyes, but at the same time it is elegant. A wonderful accessory that does not cause vulgarity. Everything is very decent and aesthetically beautiful. Pastis are odorless, hypoallergenic and can be used repeatedly.

What variety do we offer?

What are pastis, it is already clear, but what does this accessory look like? Breast patches can be of many different types, for example:

  • in the shape of a heart;

  • in the form of ribbons;

  • with different patterns - red roses, butterflies, skull, maple leaf, palms, strawberries, bells, crosses, lips, etc .;

  • with fluff;

  • with chains;

  • with tassels;

  • with sequins.

In what cases are they used?

Many world stars use pastis at various events. Why use these stickers? To show your breasts, to attract the attention of others? In fact, you can use pastiches in different situations:

  • on the beach for an even tan;

  • as an erotic addition to the diversity of sexual life;

  • to hide the nipples under transparent light clothing;

  • in a solarium for protection from ultraviolet rays.

For the first time Pastis shows Dita von Tees. Then the silicone liners began to be used by other stars on the screen - Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and, of course, Lady Gaga.

What are the storage rules?

Since these breast patches are designed for multiple use, you need to know how to properly care for them to prolong their life. You can store the pasties by attaching them to a glass or mirror. You can also keep this erotic sticker in a plastic wrap. If the pad no longer attaches well, you can fix it with any cream that is safe for the skin. You can stick pastis only on dry and clean breasts. Before using this accessory, you need to get rid of cosmetics: creams, lotions and other means. If you do not wash the perfume and care products, you can damage the adhesive surface and then the sticker will be poorly glued. If you want to remove the patch, you should know that you need to clean very carefully so as not to damage your skin. After removing the sticker should be washed with water, dried with a soft cloth.

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