Accessories are an important addition to the stylish image. They are worn to give individuality and brightness to the appearance, to emphasize you against the background of other people, to make your appearance more refined and attractive, to add a little chic to it. The word harness is usually used in the description of accessories made of several strips sewn to each other and formulating a beautiful end product. They are usually quite expensive and are made mainly of leather, but there are nice exceptions to this rule. I suggest we look at the best specimens and manufacturers.

What are they?

The product is a unified system of belts that are worn on the torso. Spicy addition to your image, which is made of genuine leather, textiles, yarn, latex and other materials. Thanks to the special design, the accessory can visually make your waist smaller, emphasize beauty and hide flaws. Modern fashion is very extravagant and diverse, so harness belts can be found not only on the pages of glossy fashion magazines, but also in ordinary life.

What are they for?

Harness belts are an integral part of the ultra-modern outfit. Their main task is to focus the attention of others on the shapes of your body. This accessory is not only sophisticated and original, but also very attractive. For streetstyle style, this is a fairly common addition.

For fans of exotic subcultures, such an addition to the appearance is a great way to express themselves vividly. The body, wrapped in leather straps with plenty of metal rings and clasps, looks simply irresistible. It can be combined with white shirts or elegant outfits, making you extremely beautiful and slender.

What are the variations?

The exclusive element of the men's and women's wardrobe is available in several variants. It can be classified according to the type of construction and according to the materials from which it is sewn. Some of them are:

  • eco-leather;

  • soft genuine leather;

  • textiles.

The most popular variety is leather. It gives a bold image. Less often you can find products made of yarn and latex.

There are models without decor and those with plenty of jewelry: sequins, rivets, rings, crystals, emblems. Harness belts play a special role in creating a bold, daring and incredibly sexy image. They are often combined with other details - chokers, bracelets, garter belts. The combination of latex underwear with a harness belt looks mysterious and attractive.

What materials are they made of?

Soft leather fabrics are most often used for the production of such fashion attributes. The color palette of these belts is very diverse and depends on the materials used. The classic variants are sewn in traditional colors - white, brown, red, black. Black undoubtedly takes the lead, as it is successfully combined with almost all outfits.

Also, eco-leather is suitable for production. It is environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch, does not wear out easily and is relatively inexpensive. You can find materials that include elastane. This supplement allows the harness belts to stretch, thus attaching them firmly to the body without causing discomfort.

As for textile variations, they are not so popular among fans of such clothing. The fabric looks less impressive than the skin.

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