It's no secret that such a decoration as the choker has been at the peak of popularity for a long time. Almost every modern girl has in her jewelry box from a small to a large number of different types of this accessory. Chokers are worn by girls of all ages, from school to adulthood. The accessory adorns the neck of every third member of the fair sex.

What are the rules for perfect wearing?

  • It must be tightened around the neck. The choker should fit snugly around the neck, because in translation the word means "suffocator". This determines its main characteristic - a tight fit to the neck. Leather chokers are made so that you can adjust them to the size of your neck. But make sure that the accessory does not stick to your skin and does not cause discomfort. Not only is it unpleasant, but it also looks quite unattractive.

  • Wear the choker on your bare neck. Do not wear on top of your clothes, it is worn only on bare skin.

  • Decollete. Combine this accessory with clothes with a deep neckline that do not cover the neck. In this way it will add to your image attractiveness and charm. To fully reveal the beauty of this accessory, you can wear blouses and dresses with open shoulders, T-shirts with thin straps, shirts with unbuttoned top buttons.

  • Using a choker, you visually lengthen the neck, making it more feminine and elegant. This accessory puts a special emphasis on this part of your body. So if you have wrinkles on your neck that you are worried about, or a second chin, wear it carefully. Also, this accessory can hide your flaws, such as birthmarks.

  • Business attire. Usually stylists do not recommend wearing it with strict and business suits. Although now the situation has changed and designers are actively complementing them with business images. The optimal type of accessory for such cases is a leather cord with a pendant.

  • Combine the decorations. Combine several neck decorations. For a leather one you can add one or two gold or silver chains of different lengths. Experiment! You can combine it with different neck decorations, the main thing is that everything looks harmonious.

  • For a short neck. You can use models with hanging elements that visually "extend" the door. In such cases, it is recommended to use accessories in beige, gold and silver, ie. those that combine with the natural skin tone. In this way, the decoration will not be clearly different from the neck. Therefore, it will be good to wear a thin choker in light beige with falling elements.

  • If you have open shoulders. With a very deep neckline or with clothes that open the shoulders, it is best to wear a wide choker.

  • Think about the shape of the neckline. The best thing for a choker is usually a V-neck. For the most successful effect, you can leave the top button unbuttoned on the shirt or blouse.

We can safely conclude that the choker is not a sign of vulgarity, but a modern, beautiful decoration, which with the right choice of clothes, shoes and makeup will help you create a unique image in each style. However, remember that there are different people with different ideals. And every fashion phenomenon will always have critics who don't want to admit it, to whom you just don't have to pay attention.

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