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The beauty is in the details. Accessories are one of the most important parts of any outfit. Your erotic image will be incomplete without various spicy details.

The accessories we offer you are:

  • Breast patches;

  • Sexy masks;

  • Chokers;

  • Harness belts.

What are breast patches?

Just imagine how with every movement of your body, your partner's eyes can't come off you, because you enchant him with the swaying tassels on your breasts ... Breast decoration - pastis - sexy nipple patches of various shapes and colors, with crystals, sequins, tassels, feathers. If you want to undress, but still leave something small on you that will attract attention with its brilliance, then this is your accessory.

Want to try sexy masks?

Masks and eye bands, with the help of which you can complete your mysterious image. They carry with them an element of mystery, innocence or eroticism. It all depends on the details and design of the mask. Or maybe you want an eye tape to steal your partner's vision, but to strengthen the other senses and help him dive into the world of sweet sensations.

What are chokers?

What is a woman's wardrobe without a leather detail? Chokers are an accessory that has been present in women's clothing since the distant past. This element will look extremely elegant on your neck. It is very practical, both as part of erotic lingerie and as an accessory for everyday wear. The different variants of our chokers allow you to choose one that suits your style and taste.

Want to get Harness belts?

Like chokers, harness belts are the leather jewel in women's clothing. Extremely elegant and daring, allow you to show your strong character. They look great on elegant clothes to wear everyday or in a nightclub. And for those who prefer to jump directly into deep water, we recommend wearing it directly on your bare skin. ;)

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